Selling a home in this ever-changing market is not an easy job. It requires a diligent agent and a strong marketing team. Those are what we have to offer. Sasha Lopez is a full time credible agent with ten years of experience and she is knowledgeable about the processes of buying and selling homes. She will be on your side from the beginning to the end of your selling process. She can answer any questions and ease any concerns that customers may have. Those are the reasons that many customers have put their trust in her and have relied on her services over the past ten years. We also have a strong and experienced marketing team that will make your home visible and attractive in the market. Having great photographs of your house is very important in attracting any buyers’ attention. Our photographer is professional, experienced, and well trained who can bring out all the best angles of your house. To find out more about how Sasha’s team can create a custom marketing plan for you and to how our services can exceed your expectations, please call us at (480) 442 7584